Best Friends Are The Sisters We Choose For Ourselves

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I could not have lasted in life without my best friends. I can never say it enough, how much I am thankful for my sister/cousins and my two childhood friends. I went through a period in life where I pretty much disappeared, and no one knew if I was dead or alive. During that time, I dealt with so much. One thing remained constant was that I knew that they had my back, no questions asked. During that time I experienced homelessness, domestic violence, and tragically the death of my first born. I kept so much from my best friends, but every time I reached out to them they had me. Whether I called for money, food, a place to stay, they delivered. I was ashamed, so I kept away from them. Each time I eventually reached out I was told that they didn't care how embarrassed I was, but my butt better not keep disappearing on them.  Each time I called, they answered. 

I will never forget the day I made the most devastating phone call, to let them know that our baby was in the hospital on life support. My best friends dropped everything for me. I will never forget that time. I will never forget the day of the funeral. I did not want to go, but they told me I needed to go and they walked with me down that isle to say goodbye to our child. I might have given birth to him, but he belonged to all of us. They supported me as I buried one child and gave up another. I lost everything that was worth living for. I was done. I was ready to die. When I went deeper into the darkness, they showed up and forced me to continue to live.  Not once did they doubt me. Not once did they question me, and when other people tried to be negative..they took care of it for me. 

Over a decade later, I can still say that I trust them with my life. I trust them with my mental health,and I trust them with my secrets. They are the only people who know my whole story, and they will never share it with anyone or judge me for it. They love me regardless and in spite off. THESE ARE MY BEST FRIENDS. MY SISTERS THAT I CHOSE FOR MYSELF.

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